Zach Melvin


2018 was the best year in the history of Allen Tate!


  • We closed 21,190 transaction sides totaling $5.75 billion in closed sales volume and had the privilege of helping thousands families buy or sell a home.


  • We listed 11,491 homes for sale.


  • We’re ranked #1 in the Carolinas, #8 in the country among independent, non-franchised real estate companies and #14 among the top 500 real estate companies.


  • We recruited more than 375 new and experienced agentsto our 47 offices in NC and SC. Our agents now total more than 1,600.


  • We answered 11,349 calls and 54,354 chats about real estate and homeownership questions at Allen Tate Client Relations.


  • You visited us 1.4 million times on and looked at 21.8 million web pages.


  • We helped 1,437 customers qualify for and obtain mortgages totaling more than $306 million through Allen Tate Mortgage.


  • We made sure 18,826 people had the right insurance coverage – with nearly 36,000 policies in place with Allen Tate Insurance.


  • You purchased 3,226 home warranties. Our trusted partner, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty, took care of your home by paying 4,975 warranty claims totaling $1,085,281.


  • We contributed $161,000 to United Way agencies and vibrant arts and cultural organizations and raised more than $180,000 for public education organizations in our local communities. We achieved a milestone of more than $5.06 million raised for Tate Cares over the past 21 years .


Thank you for choosing Allen Tate for your homeownership journey - and making 2018 our very best!